Work surfaces are critical components in any lab. Inappropriate selection of work surface may not able to meet the functionary as planned. SMEX offers a complete selection of work surfaces to meet your requirements for chemical-resistance, moisture, heat and impact-resistance. Choose from these 3-difference type of materials commonly used in laboratory environment: Epoxy resin, Phenolic Resin and Stainless Steel. The characteristic of these materials should be able to resist of chemical and extreme temperature, smooth with non-porous surface, easy to clean and durable.

Phenolic Resin is constructed of saturated melamine resins and layers of phenolic impregnated kraft paper. The melamine resins and the kraft paper form into a monolithic slab under extreme heat and pressure to create a thick, durable, compact laminate. The melamine resin produces a very durable thermoset plastic when combined with formaldehyde.
Phenolic resin is well suited for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications, such as sample processing labs, microbiology labs, agriculture, water treatment facilities, R&D or testing labs, pharmaceutical, radiology, biochemical labs, photography labs and various medical labs. Especially popular in hematology and urology labs. Phenolic resin is a non-absorbent, moderately chemical resistant, heat resistant, moisture resistant, easy to clean, extremely hard material.
Smooth. Colour available in Black & Grey
  • Totally non-absorbent;
  • Unique appearance and high durability;
  • Easily modified in the field;
  • Resistant to heat and moisture;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Can be damaged by open flame;
  • Not designed for caustic chemicals;
  • Should not be exposed to direct sunlight, temperature over 135 C, or extreme humidity;
Note: Work surfaces are required custom fabrication, ordering work surface must accompanied drawings showing size, sink cut-out, column cut-out, fixture holes and etc. Contact SMEX’s representative for further information.