Work surfaces are critical components in any lab. Inappropriate selection of work surface may not able to meet the functionary as planned. SMEX offers a complete selection of work surfaces to meet your requirements for chemical-resistance, moisture, heat and impact-resistance. Choose from these 3-difference type of materials commonly used in laboratory environment: Epoxy resin, Phenolic Resin and Stainless Steel. The characteristic of these materials should be able to resist of chemical and extreme temperature, smooth with non-porous surface, easy to clean and durable.

Epoxy resin work surfaces consist of sheets cast from modified epoxy resin and non-asbestos inert fillers; compounded mixture cured and thermoset specifically from formulation to provide exceptional physical and chemical resistance required in heavy duty laboratory environments.
Epoxy resin offers the highest and most trusted standard in chemical resistance, including corrosive chemicals, and very high-temperature tolerance. Epoxy resin is extremely robust and long lasting. Epoxy work surfaces are commonly utilized in university labs, applied science research labs, hospital labs, clinics, pharmaceutical, biomedical, molecular pathology, industrial testing or any chemical labs including oil and spectrometry.
Smooth. Colour available in Black & Grey
  • Highest chemical resistance;
  • Long-lasting durability and visual appeal;
  • Low lifetime total cost of ownership;
  • Epoxy resin is made to order, and may be subject to longer lead times;
  • Epoxy resin is extremely hard material, very difficult to customize or fabricate in the field;
  • Very heavy, may lead to higher shipping costs;
  • Installation needs to be performed by experienced personnel;
Note: Work surfaces are required custom fabrication, ordering work surface must accompanied drawings showing size, sink cut-out, column cut-out, fixture holes and etc. Contact SMEX’s representative for further information.